Friday, February 12, 2010

WaPo's Loss Is Time's Gain

According to Poynter Online, the number of Pulitzer Prize winning reporters at the Washington Post is going down again. Barton Gellman is taking his two awards with him when he joins Time magazine as an Editor At Large. According to the news release:
He will also start a column for called Counterspy, on personal privacy and security in the digital age. Bart is simply one of the premier journalists of our time and his superb reporting and writing will help us continue to lead the conversation on the biggest and most important issues facing the country and the world.
His C.V. is positively Zelig-like. Since Gellman did not bite at any of the previous buy-outs, the timing is ship-sinking coincidental. With the loss of Tom Ricks to Foreign Policy, the international affairs depth chart is looking mighty slim.

(h/t to Gawker)

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