Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Brauchli Bucks

Michael Claderone of Politico claims that WaPo Editor Marcus Brauchli came to town with a really fat severance package to fall back on.
In Sarah Ellison’s forthcoming book on the sale of Dow Jones, the ex-Journal media reporter writes that Brauchli walked away with $6.4 million.

Brauchli, she writes, "was due $3 million regardless of how he left Dow Jones" given his severance deal as a company executive. In addition, Brauchli's attorney — D.C. power broker Bob Barnett — negotiated an additional $3.4 million from News Corp.
It sure is a lot easier to watch the WaPo slide if you can do it from on top of a pile of Rupert Murdoch's money.

(h/t to Gawker)

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